The Winter Blues

Winter has settled in and keeps knocking on your door. It’s icy tendrils slip beneath the door frame and between the cracks of the window panes and into your soul; zapping any warmth and motivation from your bones. Your mind begins playing shadowy games of doubt, and all you can think about is staying in and under the blankets. You long for warmer weather as winter becomes longer and colder, and days shorter and wonder why you haven’t moved to hot climates. But spring is around corner, skipping and tripping, until you think it won’t arrive, and you have nothing to show for the long, cold months that winter was here.


My flash fiction story For A Season has now been published. Check out it


Catty Comment: Sniff

Cat Scratch Fever

While I was at the doctor’s office waiting for my allergy shots, I got stuck sitting by a sniffer for about 20 minutes. Every few seconds, sniff…sniff…sniff.  If you have to sniff that much, maybe it’s time to blow your nose.

Catty Comments: 80’s Hair

While I was shopping at JcPenny’s yesterday, I entered a time wrap. Coming from around the corner was a 80’s flashback that I was guilty of and that fled when the 90’s were ushered in. BIG HAIR. Oh, the tragedy of it all.


The Annoying, Cryptic Facebooker

Who is this person? The person who only post vague, unfinished thoughts. Why, I wonder? Why do you do this? It’s annoying. Are you looking for attention, want all the people you’ve collected a friends along away to make comments that make you feel better. Well, I’d feel better if you spilled the whole story, instead of trying to make me guess.

And why to people respond. Stop it. Stop encouraging them to continue with cryptic.

If you are guilty of such offenses, why do you do it?



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