Compassion: A Non-Judgmental Attitude

Toss that judgement out the window.

Say what? That’s right I said, toss judgement out of the window.

Compassion starts with self, and often we are own worst critic. If we are in a place where we are constantly judging ourselves, how can it be expected that we would be able to extend a helping heart to someone else.

In a society that focuses on making judging, it’s hard to find your way out of the pile. It doesn’t help when our default setting is making judgements. Our ancestors had to make judgements everyday as a matter survival. As culture developed and technology grew, we no longer had to make those judgmental decisions, our attention turn inwards and out to others.

Being non-judgmental takes awareness and practice. To come from a place of non-judgment we must be aware in the moment and of our intentions, to acknowledge our emotions or those of others, to leave behind our own biases, and provide empathy, a listening ear and open heart.

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