Madame Mabel’s Menagerie

Say, have you ever been to the edge of the universe?

No? Well let me tell you, there’s an amazing place right there on periphery called Madame Mable’s Menagerie.

Yes, I know it’s quite a mundane name, but the exhibits and collections are out of this world.

Ah, I understand you want to know more, but wouldn’t you want to see it for yourself. Of course, it’s an expensive trip. Fine, I’ll tell you about the best exhibit—Earth.

As soon as you enter through the doors, you find yourself in a tunnel and on a moving floor, surrounded by tons and tons of water. Above you, large and small creatures swim or float. You’re able to watch them feed on each other. And let me tell you, it’s terrifying. Some of those creatures have thousands of teeth. I mean, what if the glass above you broke? You could drown, or worse be eaten by a beast. It gives me shivers, I tell you, shivers.

Ah yes, if you were claustrophobic you wouldn’t want to dally, you’d want to get through as quickly as possible.

Upon exiting the aquarium, you’re blasted with hot stifling air as you step into jungle. The first thing you see is a sign warning you not to stray from the path.

Why? Because there are dangerous animals.

What kind of animals, you ask? Well, let’s see…there are tigers and monkeys who hoot and holler, and all kinds of birds flying and chirping. Of those you must watch out for the tigers who stalk between trees and ferns or spiders that can kill with a bite.

You’ve never seen a jungle before, you say? Not even in storybooks?

Well, it’s amazing. The air is humid, making you sweat and your clothes stick to your body. It’s very dark as tall trees and lush foliage only let dapples of sunlight in. There’s just enough light to see the creepy crawlies large as dinner plates skitter or slither across the paths. I know, I know it’s frightening, but it’s well worth the cost.

After the jungle, you trek through deserts and sand gets stuck in your shoes. Above you a bright star rays beam down on you. And you won’t believe how much you sweat. At this point, your bathing in it. I know, you most definitely will stink. Imagine how much water you’ll have to drink to replenish. There are some creatures, but not many because it is too hot.

So, after all the intense heat, you’re thrust into an arctic cold that freezes your sweat, making your skin erupt in goosebumps and shiver so hard, your teeth chatter. White, crystallized ice called snow crunches under your feet, and your breath is a vaporized mist. Here, there are bigger creatures then in the jungle and just as dangerous. Animals not seen in centuries because they went extinct. One great, white beast was at least six feet tall and had long, sharp claws on four paws that would tear you in half. I know it’s hard to believe, but Madame Mabel’s has it all and it sits just on the edge of the universe. You really should visit. The sights are amazing and the Earth zoo is the best.

Of course, there’s more to see then at Madame Mabel’s. It would do no good if there wasn’t. Oh, you want to know more there is? Are you sure you don’t want to visit. I encourage you to go.

No, you want to hear about it? Okay, but I’m not sure my words will do the collection justice. Ah, I see your excited. I understand. I’ll do my best for you.

See, the great thing about Madame Mabel’s is the exploration of evolution on a primitive species call Hominids, closely related to primates, and it really is the grooviest exhibit by far.

The entrance to the Hominid Menagerie is a cave.

No, not a real cave, but nevertheless a cave like structure. See I told you my words would not justice to the delightful place. Now be quiet and listen up.

As I was saying, you walk through a cave. At first, it’s dark, then light appears, and you see the cave walls. Can you guess what’s on them? Go ahead.


Well, I guess I’ll tell you. Paintings.

Not just any paintings. It’s the first art of man. Now, the art is simply made in brownish-red color of hands, animals that your eyes has never seen, and stick figured people hunting. Truly amazing, even if you don’t believe me.

When you step out of the cave at Madame Mabel wouldn’t do well if you could interact with the species because mayhem would erupt. So, housed behind glass enclosures, you’ll see the first hominids. Hunters and gathers forging through the savannah or in woods because the specimens are collected from their original habitats and brought here to Madame Mabel’s.

However, those first hominids didn’t just appear. No, no it started when they were primates hanging from tails in trees, or knuckle walking with long arms that hung to the ground. But then, something changes. It’s still a modern mystery, but those hairy buggers start walking upright like us, and begin wearing clothing, but its centuries before they start to become civilized, and cultivate the land. As they do this, they become more intelligent, and their lives flourish.

But you know the sad thing is? For all their advances in technology and intellectual prowess, the thing that never changed is their aggressive nature and love of violence.

How many groups, you ask? Oh, I don’t know…let me think…maybe twenty of so. Like a said, a great study of evolution. Do you know what that is?

Of course, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to allude that you were stupid.

What’s my favorite? Oh well…it’d have to be the 21st century. Of course, it’s not as if they were that advance at the time, but they had the best ways to entertain themselves. There’s this box in which pictures are shown. I’ve caught glimpses and wish I could see more. My favorite is the about a family with a blue haired mother. It’s quite humorous.

Where is Earth you ask? Well it sits in the Milky Way galaxy, third planet from their sun.

You rather go then visit Earth? That’s just silly. Why? Well, it no longer exists in the way it did when hominids roamed the planet.

Why, you ask? Because their extinct and the environment hostile.

You want to know how? They were so violent they wiped themselves out. And the land is as barren as the fourth planet from their sun, Mars.

You want to visit the solar system? I guess you could, but it’s closer and safer to visit at Madame Mabel’s Menagerie. It’s just at the edge of galaxy. And you can buy souvenirs.

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