Month: October 2017

Catty Comment: Annoyed

Whatever the setting, don’t you hate having that person who sits next to you and tries to make side conversations when you’re listening to the person who’s presenting, and you don’t even know them. They’re the ones that always disagree with the speaker, sigh the through the whole presentation, and make snarky remarks. Call me annoyed.

Catty Comment

Why do I have to be subjected to music I don’t like? Twice now, I’ve been punished at the local gas station I go to in morning and it’s not even 7:30 am and music is blasting from the car. What the hell.

Or, how about when you stop at a red light and the car behind you or next you is blasting their music and it causes your car to shake. Ridiculous.

And what’s the point. Nobody cares if they have good speakers in their car, and just because they want to go deaf early doesn’t mean I do.

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