Flash Fiction: In the Garden

The land stretches out for miles. Large creatures rush over the lush and vibrant green blankets covering earth. Forest grow high, their branches kissing the morning sun in the great azure sky. Abundant fruit hang and heavy from the branches and bright edible flora flourish. Birds and small creatures flock to treetops.

Nothing changes.

Nothing ages.

Nothing rots.

Nothing dies.

Before me lays a vast expanse of possibilities that I have no business thinking of. There are no needs, but want keeps knocking. Questions grow without answers. Unease blooms from somewhere deep.

No promises made. He does not share, leaving me alone with doubt and curiosity. He is a man with memories. And, I, a woman with none.

He is everything. Not I. An afterthought in the passage of time, not expected to have needs and thoughts. They believe I am mindless.

The rules are simple. Do as you are told. But this I cannot abide. I have needs and desires, and curiosities too.

We guard two sacred trees that no one or nothing can touch or eat from. Before me, they stand like sentinels reminding me that queries and uncertainties are not allowed.

One grants immortality. A lifetime of the same is not a pleasing idea.

The other grants knowledge. The idea of more taunts me.

I listen and learn.

Now, I have choices.

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