Katty Comment:


It’s mine. Stop parking in my spot. Find another one.

Our brains are program for patterns and routine. It’s why we always pick the same seat at meetings or home or why we drive the same to work every time, even without thinking about it. Muscle memory. And yes, that includes your brain.

When our offices moved about a year ago, I tried out a few parking spots before I found the one I like. I’ve parked there for the past 8 months. I know people know my car because it’s the only one of its color and make. Don’t park in my spot.

One morning, I pull into the lot and someone is in my spot. My spot. My unofficial, self-assigned parking spot.

Okay, one day I’ll let it pass, but now it’s been a few weeks. Maybe I should make a sign with my name it.

Teresa Lopez Only

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