Flash Fiction: Spider Dreams

They come in my dreams. Despair and dread on legs. They spin their webs, covering every square inch of the basement I’m trapped in.  A bare bulb lights my path to freedom.

Beneath me is a cold concrete floor that I lay on; paralyzed with fear. Around me, patterned swirls hang from shelves. Silken strings dangle from woven nests filled with eight-legged creatures.

I feel every one of their eight eyes on me as I propel myself w/toes arms. Sweat slicks my skin. My heart hammers in my chest. Silently, I beg them not to notice me.

Muscles rigid, terror glides by silken strands slide across my body. What if they come after me; sinking their sharp fangs into my flesh or spin me into a cocoon for a late night snack?

The whispers of their feet catch my attention. I pause. I’m almost there, to the stairs, to my freedom. All at once, they scuttle to the edges of their webs.

My heart is in my throat now, and I can’t hear anything but the pounding in my ears. I squeeze my eyes shut, and I can hardly catch my breath. They’re so close. One misstep and…

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