Katty’s Korner and Her Pet Peeves

Scratch Level: Cat Scratch Fever

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get frustrated or angry on the road. It’s why the term Road Rage was invented. So, here’s my Katty Comment:

I leave home in plenty of time to make my stops (got to get a caffeine fix) and for the construction work being done on the road, so that I can make it to work on time.  But some people aren’t that conscientious.

No, they have to rush, pushing the petal to metal. They ride up on your ass, flash their brights, demanding that you yield to their temper tantrum. They’re in rush to get to work on time because they didn’t leave on time.

Well guess what? I don’t have to. Unless, I’m feeling generous and decided to move into the next lane. I will slow down (Mind you I don’t hit my brakes, but let my car gradually slow down). Then, if you move into the other lane and there’s a car in front of you, I will speed up so I’m next to that car and you can’t get over. Ha Ha. (I just hope one day I don’t get my ass shot.)

They swish in and out of traffic, changing lanes like they change their underwear, nearly causing accidents. They don’t care.

Well, I hope you get a ticket.

Here’s my philosophy on being late. If your going to be late, then be late, like fifteen or twenty. Not a measly five or ten minutes.