Level: Flea infestation

I live in a small city in Northeast Ohio. So, our library’s book sale is small.

Every quarter my local library has a book sale. If you are member of the Friends of the Library program, you get to attend the preview night, the night before the actual sale.

Items come in from other libraries and community donations and are gently used. But whatever the case is, the funds support our libraries.

By this point, you’re probably wondering what the point of this story is, why it’s labeled a Katty Comment. Well, here you go.

The event doesn’t start until 5pm. I get there about 10 minutes early, so that I can take care of some other transactions before the sale. When I get to the 2nd floor, the line is about 20 deep and I heard one guy had been there since 3:30pm. Now that’s not the worse part.

I stuck in line with the following:

  1. The guy in front of me has on too much cologne. (I’ve got bad allergies) .
  2. No one stands in a straight line, and everyone is in each other’s personal space. (Back off bitches. I need room to breathe).
  3. The lady behind me is an explosion of germs by snottin’ and coughin’ and the guy behind her is sneezing and snotty. (I’m afraid I’ll be sick in the next couple of days.) Oh, by the way, he brought in a 5 gallon tub. I know what you’re up to, and it ain’t right (more on that in a minute).

Now it’s a few minutes before and one of “Friend” does his spiel and then opens the flood gate (there’s only one door).  I’m carried in on a tide of cattle acting like it’s feeding time.

It’s a tight fit between the tables and everyone’s got boxes. Finally I make way to the audio section and don’t you know it, tub boy is there, throwing movies into his bin because he plans to sell them at a higher price (probably at a flea market or something). How about some bull. He shouldn’t be allowed to come in on a preview night (that should be just for patrons) and do that.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he was talking to another guy who kept saying that this has always been a mediocre book sale, and kept repeating it. I finally said (out loud) “They why do you come?”


What’s the worst line you’ve every stood  in?

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