My Mind

Eerie silence cuts through the air. Snow glistens in the moonlight. Icy fingers lick the night, trees are smudges after hours. Crystal frost creeps its tangled weave across the landscape. I stand alone, protected by plaster and glass.

Glacier eyes slice through the haze, a silhouette hides in the shadows. For many moons, she has watched, neither waxing nor waning. Fear and loneliness traps me behind a deluge of paranoia. Another time or place, escape would be a reprieve.

But if leave, she stays behind. I would never survive.

I blink her away before I turn, hoping I have not hurt her feelings.

With wary mind, I shuffle to my room in the night. The cold floor bites my bare feet.

Crisp sheets and warm blankets invite me to snuggle in and bed down for the night.

My eyes focus on the ceiling, afraid to sleep. For when I wake, she will be gone. Time glides on; my soul drifts to dreams.

The space next to me depresses, the lightweight of an arm settles across my waist. I hear her whispered words. “I cannot sleep.” Her wispy breath cool across my cheek. I sigh.

Morning light glistens through the blinds. My sluggish mind strains to remember.

I am cold. My hands fisted, I clutch the dress she was buried in.


Inspiring Sentence:


“I can’t sleep” she whispered, crawling into bed with me. I woke up cold, clutching the dress she was buried in.