Burlesque is (1) a type of exaggerated, suggestive dance imitating literary or dramatic work to elicit laughter. (2) Parody of kind. (3) Striptease w/o showing the naughty bits.

A whole in the wall, local pub, The Five O’Clock Lounge in Lakewood in Ohio hosted The Steel City Kitty Burlesque and Variety Show the other night. I found out about the show in Meetup.com on a social group I recently joined.

Entering The Five O’Clock, I was greeted with 90’s music. The atmosphere was cozy and welcoming. I stepped onto the well-worn wooden floor and went over to the bar. The drinks were extremely reasonable, $2.25 for a glass. Happy when they made my drink just the way I liked it.

I met Kat De Lac, the host of the show. She was great. Warm and Bubbly, she puts people at ease. Oh, she’s hilarious too.

Never seeing a Burlesque show live (only the movie with Christina Aguilera), I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Getting the audience ready for the night’s show are the Go-Go girls.  The crowd went wild. Then the first lady of the evening, Tashia Vango busted out with some new school dance, and break out moves. From the rest of evening only got better.

An explosion of rhinestone and glitter not only cover the ladies and everything else. These ladies put on a magnificent show and make it look easy. But, what I loved the most was that women came in all shapes and sizes and support each other. We as woman don’t do that enough for each other. Instead we’re at each other throats or being katty (as are my comments. Hehehe). Sorry went off on a side tangent. I just wish I could’ve stayed for the whole time. Had to leave b/c I had to get up early in the morning.

Josh the D.J. had great music and I wished I had the playlist. Too many great hits that would also dub workout music.

If you ever chance to see the Steel City Kitty Show, I recommend you check them out. And if you’re just looking for place to hang out with friends, check out The Five O’Clock Lounge.

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