Katty Comment

The Interrupter

Everyone does it. Most of the time it’s not a big deal. Why would it be? But for the chronic interrupter it wears on everyone’s nerves. I know, I used to be the know it all until my friends staged an invention.

  1. The know it all

The know it all always has to cut someone off in the middle of their sentence to share a piece of information they find revalent to the story, even if they aren’t part of the conversation.  And they love to correct your information if they think you’ve got it wrong.

Go away and read an encyclopedia, or write a paper, but don’t say a word.

  1. The mind reader

The mind reader thinks that they can predict what your next words are going to be and cuts you off at the quick to get it out in the universe before you can’t.

Stop. Contact Dionne Warwick and get a job as one of her psychics.

  1. The busybody

Not only is the busybody listening in on a conversation that doesn’t involve them, they have the nerve to bust into the middle and give their two cents.

This is an AB conversation so C yourself out, and keep your pocket change for something else.