No Reply Necessary

Katty Comment

Level: Cat Scratch Fever

Have you ever gotten an email or text that you just knew you didn’t need to respond to? Or decided not to respond to? I do, quite often. One reason I don’t is because I know it’s not going to be nice, and most of the time, a response isn’t even necessary.

Well what about the opposite? Have you ever sent an email or text to a group of people or at work that’s a statement or a FYI and doesn’t require a reply.

So, why do people have to response? Do they need to have the last word? Can’t they accept what’s written? Guess what, they don’t even have to agree with what’s written. There’s a thing that all of us mastered when we’re teenagers—the ability to ignore. So do it. Ignore what I written. I don’t care.

Your other choice is take parts or pieces of what I’ve written or what applies to you and leave the rest. You still don’t need to reply. It’s not required or an obligation. Because 9 out 10 times, if you feel you needed to respond it’s going to be something that pisses me off because it’s a passive-aggressive, smart ass remark.

I’m often ready to respond with not so nice quip, but because I’m the grown up (although I question that often) I don’t. But, I’m dying inside to let my inner mean girl out.

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