Childhood Nostalgia

After some false starts, I decided my first blog is going to be about one of my favorite places as child and later a teen.

Saturday mornings couldn’t come fast enough. My cousin and I were jumping at the bit to get there, even willing to skip Saturday Morning Cartoons. Where was there? Skate World of course. We stood in line waiting to pay the entrance and skate rental fees. And, it was a plus when the school had evening events there or someone had a birthday party.

As soon as you walked into the door, the smell of feet and cleaning products surrounded you. The carpets were threadbare. The lights dim. Electric sounds emitted from the games in the arcade. It’s where I first played Q*bert and Ms. Pac-Man.

After putting your skates on and the other stuff in the locker, you waited until the DJ announced you could roll onto the floor. All of us herded together like cattle, ready to stampede our way into the ring.

Then we were off. That first kickoff with your skate clunked on the wooden floor as you forayed into a world you create, letting the music carry you away. You felt the grooves as you glided over the floor. A finished honey wood that’s been painted with large and small circles for the various dance and speed skating classes. The place where lined up for the hokey-pokey and the Mexican hat dance, and if you could skate backwards, you stayed in the middle circle.

Circle after circle, you raced around, going faster and faster, creating the wind that flowed through your hair, and cooled you off. It was the one place where you could pretend to fly as you zoomed by. And, once you stop, sweat dripped down her head, and you slid into the concession area. Fresh popped corn and hot dogs spinning in the roaster greeted you. You’d fill up on snacks and went right back out.

When I became a teen it was the hangout place on Friday nights. If you had a boyfriend or girlfriend, you’d sneak into the dark corners to make out until you got caught. And don’t get me started on late night skates. Those were the best.

So here is playlist of songs I remember during my time at Skate World:

Cool It Now, New Edition

Mr Telephone Man, New Edition

Glamorous Life, Sheila E

Thriller, MJ

Oh Sheila, Ready for the World

Girl Want to Have Fun, Cyndi Lauper

Material Girl, Madonna

Word Up! Word Up

Rumors, Timex Social Club

Automatic, Pointer Sisters

Billie Jean, MJ

Love Bizarre, Sheila E

Into the Groove, Madonna

Beat It, MJ

Caribbean Queen, Billy Ocean

Tainted Love, Soft Cell

Total Eclipse of the Heart, Bonnie Cycle

When Doves Cried, Prince

Don’t You Forget About Me, Simple Minds

I Wanna Dance with You, Whitney Houston

Time After Time, Cyndi Lauper

Our House, Madness

Eye of Tiger, Survivor

I Love Rock n’ Roll, Joan Jett

Toy Solider, Martika

Micky, Toni Basil

Rock On Michael, Damian

Puttin On the Ritz,  Taco

Safety Dance, Men without Hats

Catch Me I’m Falling, Pretty poison

Mexican Radio, Wall of Voodoo

Funkytown, Lipps Inc

Two of Hearts, Stacey Q

Maniac, Michael Sembello


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  1. Awesome memories! Spent many of my preteen Friday nights at the skating rink too. It’s like a right of passage for the American girl.


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