Catty Comment: The Passive Aggressive Combatant

The passive aggressive person can be more annoying than the aggressive or narcissist because you never know where you stand with them. They are elusive and always try to hide what they’re feeling. Rather then have an adult conversation, even if it’s hard to have, they play close to vest, being angry and making everyone uncomfortable, and holds onto perceived grudges as mumbling under their breath.

Catty Comment

My catty comments come from my pet peeves or people watching and being judgemental. Be warned.

So why at 7:30 in the morning did I see someone come in Speedway in her slippers and slip into the beer cave and came out with a 12 back.

Catty Comments: Personalities of Group

We all know one. It’s the person who is forever the three-year-old because everything is about ego. They’re always chanting, “Me, me, me.” The narcissist is unwilling to see other’s point of view because theirs is the only one they see, I mean come on they have Smurf named Vanity who’s base on Narcissus (Greek Myth). Extremely argumentative, they will talk over you or continuously make comments, interrupting you as you’re speaking.

The Winter Blues

Winter has settled in and keeps knocking on your door. It’s icy tendrils slip beneath the door frame and between the cracks of the window panes and into your soul; zapping any warmth and motivation from your bones. Your mind begins playing shadowy games of doubt, and all you can think about is staying in and under the blankets. You long for warmer weather as winter becomes longer and colder, and days shorter and wonder why you haven’t moved to hot climates. But spring is around corner, skipping and tripping, until you think it won’t arrive, and you have nothing to show for the long, cold months that winter was here.


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